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Health Hub OS in Notion

The Health Hub OS is an all-inclusive digital ecosystem in Notion designed to holistically manage, track, and reflect on various aspects of your health and well-being. With user-friendly databases and detailed logging capabilities, users can gain insights into their health patterns, track progress, and work towards achieving their personal health goals.

Key Features:

  1. Good Sleep Tracker:
    Track the quality, duration, and patterns of your sleep. Understand the factors affecting your sleep and ensure you’re getting the restorative rest you need.
  2. Healthy Meals Database:
    A visual diary of your meals, complete with ingredients, macronutrients, and recipes. Understand your diet and make informed food choices.
  3. Water Intake Tracker:
    Stay hydrated! Track daily water intake and set reminders to drink at regular intervals.
  4. Doctor Visits Database:
    Keep a log of medical appointments, prescribed medications, and important advice from healthcare professionals. Never forget a follow-up or overlook a prescription.
  5. Exercise & Physical Activity Tracker:
    Whether it's cardio, strength training, or yoga, record your workouts, their intensity, and calories burned. Monitor your fitness journey and set new milestones.
  6. Mental Health & Mood Diary:
    Reflect on your mental state, identify triggers, and document self-care routines. A safe space to express and understand your feelings.
  7. Medication & Supplements Tracker:
    Never miss a dose again. Track your medications, supplements, their purposes, and intake schedules.


  • Centralized Health Overview: Get a bird's eye view of all aspects of your health in one place.
  • Informed Decision Making: Make health decisions based on accumulated data and personal trends.
  • Goal Setting & Achievement: Set health targets, track progress, and celebrate achievements.
  • Personalized Health Journey: Tailor the hub to your unique health needs and preferences.

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Health hub

29 ratings
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